The 5 easiest vegetables to grow

easiest vegetables to grow

Want to reduce your food miles?  Then growing your own in the best way, check out the 5 easiest vegetables to grow anywhere

easiest vegetables to grow


Radishes are great for novice gardeners, they are quick growing and easy to care for. Plant seeds directly into the ground. These peppery roots are great in salads or even roasted with butter.  Make sure you eat the greens too as they are delicious


There is nothing finer that freshly picked home grown salad.  Do successive sowing every two weeks and always have a supply of home-grown lettuce available.


Find some soil or a deep pot to grow your carrots in.  Look for interesting varieties to plant such as yellow or black carrots.


Mint is super easy to grow.  It loves water and isn’t fussy for sunlight, it’s pretty hard to stuff up.  It’s always great to have fresh mint on hand to use for finishing salads or mixing in mojitos!


One of the most rewarding fruits/vegetables to grow yourself.  The smell of tomatoes growing is one of our favorite things.  They are easy to grow in small spaces too if you grow vertically


We think these are the 5 easiest vegetables to grow anywhere.  What do you love growing?


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