Five ways to take plastic pollution off the menu forever

Take plastic pollution off the menu

The plastic endemic is in the spotlight now more than ever, and for good reason. Luckily, as we collectively become more aware of our plastic problem there is a shift in attitude emerging and people want to actively reduce their plastic consumption.

Plastic pollution has a massive effect on the health of our oceans. The question is: how can the way we eat food make a difference? We have compiled a list of achievable actions that, with a small shift in behaviour, can have a huge affect on your plastic consumption. Together we can take plastic off the menu - forever.

take plastic pollution off the menu

Five ways to take plastic pollution off the menu


  1. Buy in bulk – bulk food stores are popping up everywhere now. Bring your own containers and reduce the plastic packaging involved in your everyday shop. You can even refill detergent and olive oil bottles, it’s that easy!
  2. Buy local and seasonal – get loose! Buying your fruit and vegetables loose from local stores means you reduce on the plastic packaging. It’s only use is to get it from the store to your fruit bowl! Buying seasonal fruit and vegetables means you are actively reducing your carbon footprint, because it hasn’t had to travel as far.
  3. Take your own bags – this is the easiest way to reduce single use plastic consumption. You can even take your own produce bags for loose fruit and vegetables. Either buy them online, or make them yourself from old fabrics! 
  4. Make more from scratch – get back to basics and make more from scratch, the less processed the food, the less packaging it will have. Making things from scratch can take a little longer, however, if you make it in bulk and freeze any extras then you’re set for the week with nutritious, home-made meals for a fraction of the price.
  5. Ditch the cling film and say no to disposable cutlery – both of these items are hard to recycle. Luckily, there are environmentally friendly alternatives. Swap your cling film for beeswax wraps, you can buy these online or if you’re feeling adventurous make them from scratch – they’re also reusable. The best way to avoid using disposable cutlery is to just carry your own in your bag for when you might need it. If you don’t fancy carrying around a knife and fork however, there are great compostable bamboo alternatives to try instead.

We hope you like our quick tips for reducing your plastic consumption and know that together we can take plastic off the menu, forever. What are your best tips and tricks for reducing your plastic usage? We would love to hear about them in the comments.

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take plastic pollution off the menu
take plastic pollution off the menu

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